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Privacy Policy - Money Research

Money Research values and respect every individual's right to Privacy Policy. We are admired by relationship as well as by becoming our customers you give promise to you that we shall always be loyal to our clients as well as non-clients and their information provided to use by them. This Privacy Policy of the Money Research is applicable to both current as well as former clients. Below are detailed testimonial of our Policy:

Your details, whether community or personal, will NOT be marketed, leased, interchanged, moved or given to any organization or personal for any reason without your approval.

Your details will be used SOLELY for offering the solutions to you for which you have decided upon us and not for any other reasons. Your details given to us symbolizes your identification with us. If any changes are introduced in any of the areas of which you have offered us the details, you shall carry it to our observe by either contacting us or delivering an e-mail to us.

In inclusion to the support offered to you, your details (mobile number, E-mail ID etc.) can be introduced in use for delivering you updates, reviews, competition details, or details about any new solutions of the organization which will be for your advantage and while signing up for our solutions, you believe the fact that Money Research has the right to do so.

The information provided by you will act as your identity with us. If you make any sort of changes in any field of information that you have provided to us then make sure to inform us regarding that through a call or mail.

By signing up for our solutions, you approval to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Other than providing service to you based on the information provided by you, we can also use that information for sending you mails, newsletters, contest information, survey or information related to any kind of new services of our company that will be for your benefit and while subscribing for or services you also agree with this right of Money Research.

By completing the 'Quick Form' and the 'Free Trial Form' on this web page, you accept to offer us your valid mobile number. Also by offering your valid mobile number, you offer us the approval to contact you on the phone offered by you and deliver SMS on your mobile number. You offer your approval for us to use your mobile number even if it is authorized on the Nationwide 'Do Not Disturb' laptop or computer registry.